Thursday, December 20, 2012


We have two new family members here at the GHR&C. Meet Black Pearl and Prairie Grace.

This last year we lost our canine buddies Walter and Cubby to cancer. I didn't realize how much I talked to them during the day until they were gone. Walter's deafness and Cubby's lack of a leg did not deter them from being the best pals ever for Alison and me.

I was supposed to be the next person in line to pick a dog however Alison was in Eastern Washington at a veterinary hospital that was fostering two black labs.  They had been abandoned in the deep woods and were found by a hunter outside of Othello. One had porcupine quills in her shoulder, both on the thin side but otherwise OK.

The state patrol and pet rescue had been involved with finding them and everyone agreed how sweet the dogs were. The dogs appeared to be siblings and were very close to each other. No one wanted to see the dogs separated. Surprise! Who should come along and say "I'll take them both!" Alison.

There was a waiting period and they had to be spade but they are here now with us and we have been enjoying their company tremendously. Yes, the are considered rescue dogs just like all the animals are and were here but they are simply happy and healthy young labs. Great hikers and runners - and of course- cuddlers too. I've taken way too many naps on the sofa with them already.  With the exception of a little more wave in one of the dog's fur, they are a matched set.

I'll be adding more pictures to this page soon.

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