Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The golden leaves that carpet the driveway are quickly turning brown, the sky is a dull gray and the weather forecasters are calling for days of cool rains. But given the right clothing there's a runner's paradise waiting just outside the door!

Hills, we're in to hill these days. And it was on one of them just yesterday that I had to stop and think that I'm a little over 4 month from cancer surgery and I'm running free again. No I'm not discounting modern medicine when I say this but the human body does some pretty good repair work all on its own - with a little bit of direction from its owner. Give it time, they said, so I did.

A few special exercises and a little bit more consistent running and I feel my aerobic fitness returning.
All the issues I mentioned in my previous post are in the past. So much so that I committed to running Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon next year. Having a goal is so exciting especially one that is also on my bucket list. From what I've read "running" is a relative term, arduous hike is more like it but there are places where it is flat enough to run. More on this later - it's 10 months away.

The last couple of months have been busy ones. In early September I flew to Denver to meet with a group of guys for the annual Dialogs meeting. We stayed in a mountain cabin near Brainard Lake and hiked in the high country for three days. Nights were frosty and the days near perfect for trekking on the rocks. I had a new camera with me and here are some photo highlights from the trip. Best of all was catching up on everyone's activities. We're at an age when significant changes are taking place and I enjoyed listening to the various views expounded - especially since we are a very diverse group. The concept of "wisdom" was kicked around quite a bit so it wasn't just a bunch of guys sitting around grunting and drinking beer - although I think that happened too.

Shortly after my return Alison and I jumped on a plane to Florida for some beach time. Once again the weather was near perfect, the beach deserted, and the water incredibly warm.

This is a shot near low tide. At this point we've walked south about two miles and are now on the part of the beach that cars can drive on. We walk a bit further to make it a 5 mile loop. No sidewalks, no streets to cross and no rocks.

Sunrise is a great time to be on the beach, usually still warm enough to swim too. It's a bit of an adjustment getting up that early because of the three hour time change. 

Unfortunately for me the water heater exploded on the first night, Then the air conditioner leaked ruining the ceiling in the garage and the garage door opener would only intermittently allow us to go anywhere in the car. A fair amount of time was spent repairing said items but we managed to exercise every day, with adequate beach time as well. Alison, the self proclaimed "foam rider" and I (maybe I'll call myself "Bodysurfer Extrodinair") had a blast in the waves. Shoot me if you think I'm too old for this.

Finally no trip to the beach goes by without passing nearby this motel. It's looked exactly the same since I first started going to Florida in the early 1970's. 

Back at the GHR&C I tried, and failed to build a new chicken coop before the rains. It's still under construction but it's coming along. We did make a quick trip to Portlandia as some Florida friends tell us it's called. Definitely an urban adventure for us - complete with a stop at the 24 Hour Church of Elvis and the flagship Nike Store. The Nike Store was a bummer because they didn't have my size in either of the two pair of shoes I wanted to try on. The search for the perfect trail running shoe for my skinny feet continues. 

The three amigos, son Seth, me and Alison's brother Eric - and an un-named mannequin head.

Alison getting ready to push the buttons at the Church of Elvis

The "Urban Shamans" grooven' on the didgeridoo  

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