Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Kayaking on Silver Lake, the south end was so calm I skimmed over  clouds and tree tops.

Feeling stupid was sort of how I felt last night at Silver Lake. There was an old guy in a canoe, pale, white of leg in his bermuda shorts and t-shirt,  just slowly paddling around by himself enjoying the evening sun and breeze. He looked very content as if he was savoring Summer Solstice. Every once in awhile he would stop paddling and just drift. 

Me? I'm flailing the water in the kayak till my arms ache and I'm a ball of sweat under my life vest trying to keep up a racing pace. There must be a happy medium. I was so tired I could barely lift the kayak back on the Trooper when I finished. I recognize that by genetic chance I have a healthy body and staying fit is really important but sometimes I feel like I'm going about living all wrong. 

The Mountains to Sound Race is on Sunday, a 12 miler. I need to get my head into it because the longer I'm out there, the longer I'm out there. Go too fast in the beginning and I'll bonk before I'm done. Go to slow and finish really strong and I'll regret it. It's all about proper pacing cause it's not just a sprint. If done correctly, I can reward myself with a well earned massage on Tuesday. 

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