Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kauai & The Rash Shirt

Early June found us at the Lawai Beach Resort in Koloa Kauai. AHHH LO HAA!
80 degree days, low 70s at night. LBR is located just across the road from one of the best snorkeling beaches on the island AND some excellent wave breaks where the locals show off their skills.

For us though we hit Brenneke's Beach for some bodyboarding and body surfing. Seemed a bit weird getting to the beach before 8:00 AM but we found that it was the only time to have the waves to ourselves. And what wonderful waves they were. Some were a little too big. What I learned:

If you try to dive under a big wave but you are in the wrong spot, it will suck you up from the bottom and roll you over numerous times. I used to think that a rash shirt would be useful to keep your arms and chest from chaffing on the boogie board. After skidding on my shoulder and back, helpless in the throws of a big wave, I think a rash shirt would be useful to protect one's skin from the ocean floor. I have a "floor" burn on my shoulder to prove it. There goes my even tan.

Unlike getting a "souvenir" race shirt for being on a team for Ski to Sea, I bought a rash shirt for the next time I play in the bigger ones.

Overall though the waves came in many sizes and we all had a ball. The less adventurous (or smarter?) could ride the wash of a big wave after it broke and still get a great ride all the way to the beach. Turtles could be seen in the surf and of course the sound and the sight of a big wave in full curl right in front of your eyes, the diving under and the feel of the wave rippling your body as it rushes past was down right memorable.

While there we ran, we hiked, we marveled at all the lush vegetation and we cooked some great meals from local seafood and fruit and veggies from the farmer's market. Ahi, Marlin, Shrimp, heaps of papaya and little tasty bananas.

Napali Coast from the Awawapuh'i Trail

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