Thursday, July 5, 2012


My 65th birthday is tomorrow, just a push pin on a calendar. Today was a day worth celebrating.

After a short nap I walked a mile and a quarter. Twenty more of those and I would have walked an ultra marathon. A good beginning.

My catheter was removed this morning and I won't be needing a cancer screening for another three months. So this is the last cancer entry you'll see for hopefully a long time.

Summer arrived yesterday and this is the first time since last September the weather site is showing all suns for the next seven days. Pretty soon we'll be saying "Just another boring blue sky day". Ha, fat chance amigo!

No lifting for around two weeks but then I'm off to enjoy that sunshine in whatever manner I choose. I doubt I'll have any great feats of physical prowess to report but I'll make a post or two of what summer is like in the Great Pacific Northwest.

The goal is to be in good enough shape to climb a 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado in September and I be sure and take some pics of that.

Thanks again for all who took the time to send good thoughts and notes. Much appreciated!

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