Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter's Almost Over

Too Few Days Like This 

March, Spring is usually here already but it's not. Life here at the Golden Hour Ranch and Circus is still in the winter mode. Runs are short and usually wet. Snowboarding during the week rocks with very few people on the runs. Most of my exercise revolves around cutting, splitting, and hauling wood.

The exception has been a couple of weeks in Florida. My partner Alison and I started the "Bulow Creek Wild Hogs Trail Running Association" while running trails near Ormond by the Sea. We haven't created our signature belt buckle yet but this trip we initiated Alison's daughter, Amber, to the trail and awarded her honorary membership because she actually saw the wild hogs!

The amazing thing about running these trails is that it's like running through Jurassic Park AND there is no one else on them. A run out and back equals a half marathon and there are many side trails that we still have yet to explore.

The wetsuit came in handy this trip as the ocean temps were in the low 60's. I had one day on the surf ski and as a beginner, I had a big rush by catching some waves on an outer sand bar quite a ways away from the beach. It's kind of weird writing this on the day a tsunami inundated Japan but I was really able to feel the push of the wave and get out in front of break.

This is the first year in a couple of years that I am not running the Chuckanut Ridge 50k.  Alison opted not to run either, it's been that bad of winter. We're now looking for a summer time goal.

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